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Whether you're just looking for a 1 off session to focus on a certain target you struggle with or you're wanting a personal programme to up your overall game with set training routines and specific things to focus on as you improve as a shooter James can help. If you're looking to up your game and have a set programme with James he will only ever be a phone call away to help with any advice you may ever need.


James has established his presence as one of the UK's top competitors across the sporting disciplines. He thinks it's important to have a coach who can work with you to help you achieve your goals however that coach must have that experience their self and know how to advise their student in different situations as the student progresses through the ranks. 


Clay shooting instruction and coaching is based at Willow Farm, Barbury Shooting School, Owls Lodge Shooting School and Dartford Clay Shooting Club however can be arranged at many other grounds across the country.

Pricing per hour

1 person - £70

2 people - £90

3 people - £100

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